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Mirror/Reflection,Drop Shadow, Natural Shadow

Mirror/Reflection Shadow

Light and shadow walk hand in hand so does reflection. The concept of Reflection shadow refers in the similar fashion of original glasses or mirrors. This technique is used in bringing the graphical impact and used to generate the shadows from the source of lighting angle. We provide Reflection shadow which is used excessively in Graphic Business to get more dynamic and fascinating results.

Drop Shadow

Shadows and reflections add a certain realistic quality to photographs.High quality images for product photos, catalog layouts or advertising Photoshop shadow techniques are used by our experts here at Pixshot Digital media. We will add a lifelike quality to your photos that will give you a competitive edge. Pixshot Digital media team believes in offering high quality Drop Shadow Service.

Natural Shadow

Shading can make or break your image. When we manipulate photo shades in a picture, it gives an impressive enhancement. Pixshot Digital media helps you to get rid of non-uniform illumination for realistic images. Our professional shadow team guarantees you to give perfect quality & 100% satisfaction in our handmade natural shadow design.

Pixshot Digital media team provides Classified Natural Shadow Clipping Path on different types of your images to separate images from the background by the touch of smooth perfection with excellent designs. Natural Shadows are needed for the images of ecommerce, magazines/books, corporate logos, catalogs, advertisements and newspapers design.